AGENDA  for ECUS/SCC/ScoN Meeting

 MSWord   pdf   

3:30 pm Friday, August 23, 2013 Parks 301


Call to Order

  Approval of the Agenda

  Review of minutes from April 19, 2013 meeting of the 2012-2013 University Senate (MSWord   pdf)  and April 26, 2013 meeting of the 2013-2014 University Senate (MSWord   pdf) for readiness for distribution to University Senators for review



Subcommittee on Nominations (ScoN)

         Chair and membership of ScoN

         Review nominations for SoCC volunteers   MSWord   pdf


Committee Reports

  APC   Howard Woodard

  CAPC  Cara Meade

  FAPC  Alex Blazer

  SAPC Doreen Sams

  RPIPC  Maureen Horgan

  ECUS  Lyndall Muschell


Information Items

  Graduate Assistant Carly Jara

  Parliamentarian John Sirmans

  Electronic Tools oversight by Doc St. Clair

  Photos for Senate web page new procedure

  Submission of operating procedures for committees


New Business

  Set agenda for University Senate meeting on September 13, 2013


Officer Orientation

         Accessing and submitting through the repository  - Catherine Whelan    pdf

         Accessing and utilizing the motion database Catherine Whelan   pdf

         Roles in ECUS/SCC and Senate meetings Catherine Whelan   pdf

         Required written reports Craig Turner  MSWord   pdf

         Senator database Craig Turner 

         Standing Committee Officer Responsibilities  MSWord  pdf

         Committee email lists Craig Turner   Excel  pdf

         Minutes - Contacts for submission of minutes/Optional template Craig Turner





  University Senate Meeting - Friday, September 13 @ 2pm, A&S 272

  ECUS Meeting - Friday, October 4 @ 2:00 pm, Parks 301

  ECUS/SCC Meeting - Friday, October 4 @ 3:30pm, Parks 301