Student Affairs Policy Committee (SAPC) Report
given at the January 28, 2008 University Senate meeting
submitted by Jennifer Hammack

The SAPC is dealing with several “old” issues currently:

1). GCSU Student Alcohol Policy—We have created an Information Gathering Group (IGG) to analyze the current alcohol policy on campus concerning students and hope that we are able to redraft a more condensed version of the current policy

2). Non-Faculty/ Non-Staff RSO Advisors—What is their function; what should their roles be on campus; should they have access to campus facilities (if so, who would pay for these fees?); We have asked someone from Campus Life to attend the next meeting to discuss this with us.

3). Greek Organization Benches near Front Campus—address attitudes of Greek Organizations about possibly moving benches or replacing them with banners in the area between Lanier and the Library

4). Early College-We had a few students who had voiced questions about early college students on campus and their access to campus—will discuss the upcoming informational article about it in our newspaper as well as any comments by students  

5). There will be a SGA Report on homecoming during the next meeting as well

6). Ryan Greene, our Student Government Association (SGA) President, gave his report concerning the status of the SGA as of January 28, 2008.