Election Results of Ad hoc Committee Registry Form

  University Senate Bylaws Article V Section 2.A.3.b

The business of the University Senate may be addressed by ad hoc committees that report to a standing committee or the Executive Committee. A standing committee, the Executive Committee or the University Senate may create ad hoc committees. An ad hoc committee charter must be filed with the Executive Committee before the first meeting of the ad hoc committee.  Members of the body that create the ad hoc committee shall choose the ad hoc committee membership. Any member of the University Community is eligible to serve on an ad hoc committee; however, at least two (2) members shall be university senators. The members of the ad hoc committee shall select a chair (must be a university senator), vice-chair, and secretary. The announcement of meetings and the posting of minutes shall follow University Senate protocol. Ad hoc committees shall cease to exist upon completion of an assigned task or at the end of the academic year, whichever comes first. 

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