November 28, 2005


The following information, presented in a Q & A format, is an attempt to provide accurate information on the way Georgia College & State University presently pays faculty on a 10-month contract, and why.  Currently, all 10-month faculty receive 10 checks per year, each check equal to 1/10 of their annual contract amount.  Some 10-month faculty have requested the possible transition from a 10 pay cycle to a 12 pay cycle with each check equal to 1/12 of their contract amount.  In addition, some 10-month faculty have asked to be paid over 10 checks, but have the first nine checks equal to 1/12 of their contract amount and the tenth check equal to 3/12 of the contract amount. Our staff in Human Resources has researched available Board of Regents Policy on the subject, and has inquired as to what other system schools are doing in this regard.  What we have found is that GC&SU is handling the pay of 10-month faculty in a manner consistent with other institutions, and in compliance with Board of Regents Policy, and that any variation from our current system would be contrary to Board Policy.


Question – Why can not we pay faculty on 10-month contracts over a 12-month period?


Answer – The University is unable to do this for 10-month employees because it would violate Board of Regents Policy and State law.  All employees at Georgia College & State University that are paid in 12 monthly checks are twelve-month employees.  They are paid at the end of the month for work performed during that pay period.  Currently, 10-month faculty contracts are based on an August 1, start date.  The faculty are paid according to the actual dates that they work over a period of ten months.  The State’s fiscal year begins July 1.  If we transitioned to a fiscal year pay or 12-month pay process, August through July, we would be obligating funds from two different fiscal years. State law does not allow the obligating of future funds since the funds are not guaranteed.  In addition, if we started paying faculty from July through June then we would be paying faculty in advance for services that have not been rendered since the faculty contract begins August 1.  The Board of Regents does not allow payment in advance of work performed.  The ten-month payment process pays faculty for actual working months in accordance with current BOR contracts and State law.


Question – Could we be paid in ten payments, with the last check covering 3 months, instead of 10 equalized payments?


Answer -   Prior to the implementation of PeopleSoft and the semester system, this was an option at Georgia College & State University.  Several system institutions, including GC&SU, have inquired with the Board of Regents to make this an option once again.  The Board has remained firm on its decision to no longer offer that as an option.  The Board of Regents has instructed all institutions in the University System of Georgia (USG) to pay 10-month faculty in 10 monthly payments equal to 1/10 of the contracted salary.  As a result of that decision, the USG’s financial software system, PeopleSoft Financials, was designed to pay 10-month faculty in 10 equal payments over a 10 month period.  Currently all USG institutions use PeopleSoft except for The University of Georgia (UGA) and Georgia Tech (GT).  Georgia Tech has its own version of PeopleSoft developed specifically for them.  Even though UGA and GT do not use the same software that we do, they are required to pay 10-month faculty in the same way we do.




Question – What is involved in getting the USG to change PeopleSoft?


Answer - In order for the Office of Information Technology, (OIT, a department within the USG) to make any significant change in the PeopleSoft system, all of the universities would have to agree to the proposed change.  A system wide change in PeopleSoft is typically initiated by a group called the PeopleSoft Change Review Committee.  However, some changes, particularly those that involve a workflow or policy change, require approval from the Board of Regents prior to going before the Change Review Committee.  In regard to the issue at hand, changing PeopleSoft is a moot point, as the BOR will not approve the change to a three pay in May option.


Question – Can Georgia College & State University simply opt out of using PeopleSoft so that we can pay our 10-month faculty any way we choose?


Answer – No.  Georgia College & State University, as part of the University System of Georgia, State university sector is required to operate its business processes in accordance with Board of Regents Policies and Procedures, which includes our use of PeopleSoft Financials.  Board of Regents and State Auditors audit all of our business operations annually.  The auditors are very familiar with the PeopleSoft financial system and use many of the PeopleSoft reporting and query tools during the audit process.  Our Annual Financial Report is also heavily dependent on information pulled from PeopleSoft.    


Question -  If you are paid from funds other than State Appropriation funds, such as grants or contracts, can you be paid over 12 months?


Answer - Faculty who obtain grants or contracts and who work during the summer can be paid over the summer months if that is allowed under the terms of the award.  There are several faculty members at GC&SU who do have grants that they work on during the summer and receive payment through those grants.


Question -  What options or plans do you have to assist 10-month faculty with the management of their summer cash flow?


Answer – Human Resources has created a short mini presentation and worksheet that can be used by 10-month faculty to help them with summer budget planning.  This presentation and worksheet will become a regular part of our new faculty orientation and is available to all current 10-month faculty as well. The worksheet can help determine the amount of money one would need to put into a direct deposit savings account to help  save for the summer.  The presentation includes real life examples with actual benefits costs, and a sample direct deposit form.  The presentation and worksheet is available at the following link.  



Even though we are well into the academic year it's not too late to start saving for next summer!  The calculations will change slightly from those listed on the worksheet.  If you are interested, please contact Human Resources or Payroll Services at ext. 5596 and they will be happy to help you determine what you should save each month for the remainder of this academic year and also provide you with the appropriate forms to start saving for summer now.