Academic Policy Committee (APC) Report

given to the University Senate on April 19, 2010

submitted by Howard Woodard


April 2, 2010 Meeting:


Action Items for Senate:



Motion number 0910.APC.005.P
Subject: Incomplete Grades Policy

An incomplete grade may only be assigned if:
1. the student was doing satisfactory (passing) work at the time of the request, and
2. the student was unable to meet the full requirements of the course due to non-academic reasons beyond the student's control
The process of assigning an incomplete grade will include the following:
a. normally the student requests the incomplete grade from the instructor before the completion of the course, and
b. the student and the instructor complete an incomplete grade agreement form approved by the instructor and the instructor's department chair and file the form with the Registrar's office.




Informational Items for Senate:


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