Student Government Association (SGA) Report

given to the University Senate on March 29, 2010

submitted by Zach Mullins


The DEN/Student Lounge renovations are under way to make it more accessible and inviting for students. Students continue to be represented on the Wellness Center and are very pleased with the progress being made.  The Bell Tower schematics have been finalized and will be making a presentation to University Advancement to begin fundraising this week.  Intramural field improvements have been completed and received rave reviews from softball players.  The Campus Ethos Task Force is still working on their report.  We continue to make progress with the placement of Letters on Greek Houses as we work with the Historic Preservation Commission.  The New Georgia College Fight Song’s recording is nearly completed and will be placed on the web and played at sporting events.  SABC hearings will begin this Friday and we have received budget requests upwards of $500,000, which is likely to increase and have about a $239,000 budget for allocation. AEDs have been installed in the Student Activities Center and at the intramural fields and continue to seek additional resources for more on campus.  Motion sensors in SGA office to be more eco-friendly have been installed and are in full operation.  We are the first office on campus to be retro-fitted with these energy saving devices.