Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC) Report

given to the University Senate on March 29, 2010

submitted by Catherine Whelan


  1. Information Items

a)   Project Governance for Capital Construction Projects

The Business and Finance office asked RPIPC to review procedures relating to the governance of capital construction projects. The document presented to RPIPC merely clarifies procedures already in place.

The procedures require that at the start of a USG-approved capital project, a governance structure should be established that consists of an Executive Committee, a Steering Committee, and a Project Team. The composition of these committees will depend on the actual project being undertaken.

The objective of clarifying the procedures is to ensure effective management, oversight, and user-input on projects in the hope that clear and timely decision making will reduce the likelihood of unnecessary cost increases and construction delays.


b)   Sponsorship Policy

SAPC sent the Sponsorship Policy to RPIPC for review. The committee asked for clarification on a number of issues and requested that the wording be changed in order to clarify the intent. Greg Brown agreed to take these requests to Kyle Cullers to update the document. The policy was referred back to SAPC for final review.

2.       No other outstanding business.