Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC) Report

given to the University Senate on March 29, 2010

submitted by John Swinton


New business:


Information item:

CAPC reviewed a proposal from the College of Arts and Sciences for a new minor in Creative Music Media.  Douglas O’Grady presented the committee with a summary of the proposed new minor.  It was a very nice summary.  It should attract a wide range of new students who have an interest in different ways to create music to the department (as an aside, Doug told the committee that because of the willingness of the department to encourage new approaches to music they were able to attract a person who saved the production of Rent). 


It was our shortest meeting over the past three years – 35 minutes!


This week:

We have two minor curricular changes.  The first one will be changes to streamline the RN to BSN program.  The second will be two changes to the modern language degree programs involving placement and a revision of the offerings of ESLG 1001 and 1002. As always, all are welcome to join us in A&S 2-15.