Student Government Association (SGA) Report

given to the University Senate on February 22, 2010

submitted by Zach Mullins


SGA continues to remain very busy moving into the Spring Semester and has fully developed and launched the Student City Relations Committee.  We continue to work towards making renovations to the Student Lounge to make it more accessible and inviting.  SGA Continues to work with Physical Plant to finalize plans for the Bell Tower and have installed Motion Sensors in Office to be more eco-friendly.  Homecoming 2010 was a soaring success with over 3,000 people in attendance at the annual homecoming concert featuring Sean Kingston.  Tent City tailgating, following the approval of the new tailgating policy, was also a roaring success with over 24 organizations setting up shop and having a great time before a memorable game which pushed the Centennial Center to its limits complete with over four complete cycles of the Wave!  Intramural in-field improvements are complete and we are working to have a grand re-opening.  The Campus Ethos Task Force continues to identify campus traditions, evaluate status, and provide recommendations.  We are in the process of recording the fight song with and without lyrics.