Core Task Force Update

given to the University Senate on January 25, 2010

submitted by Julia Metzker


Julia Metzker, chair of the Core Curriculum Task Force, discussed the role and goals of the task force.  The task force was charged by Dr. Jordan to make a recommendation for moving forward with general education curriculum revision.  The task force is reviewing the relevant proposals and policies.  The task force is working with CETL to prepare a forum to discuss General Education (CORE) revision at Georgia College.


Julia made the following points regarding the task force:

q  The task force appreciates and honors the hard work of all the people who contributed to revision efforts in the past and is committed to preserving as much of that work as is possible.

q  The task force will NOT be responsible for revising curriculum.  If curriculum revision is pursued, another committee will have that work

q  The task force will be establishing a set of "values and assumptions" to guide curriculum revision.

q  The task force expects to make their recommendations by mid-February

q  The public forum will be announced soon and is likely to occur in early February

q  The task force has a blog: where we have tried to collect the documents relevant to our work.