Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC) Report

given to the University Senate on January 25, 2010

submitted by John Swinton


New business:


Proposal: Policy proposal from Deborah Vess and ECUS:


To follow USG BOR guidelines, SACS and all other relevant external accrediting bodies’ requirements for Comprehensive Program Reviews.  The results will be used as a component of GCSU’s overall institutional effectiveness plans to ensure the continuous improvement of programs.  This policy will supersede the policy previously passed in Motion number 0405.AG.002.P. 


The rationale was to have a policy that is in compliance with BOR policy but does not restrict procedure in carrying out program reviews.


Discussion items:

  1. Report from the General Education Implementation plan committee: Deborah Vess provided an update as required from the original passage of Motion number 0506.AG.007.O.  Discussion focused on appropriate ways to respond to the senate motion, given the appointment of a new core task force and the existence of the gen ed committee appointed by the president in response to the senate motion.  The Committee suggested passing along the valuable lessons the Gen Ed Implementation plan committee had learned to aid in the latest efforts and to help the current committee avoid pitfalls.

  2. Dr. Julia Metzker discussed plans for the Core Task Force committee’s upcoming forum hosted by Dr. Jordan concerning the future of the General Education curriculum.  She stressed the importance of the full GCSU community buy in.