Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC) Report

given to the University Senate on November 30, 2009

submitted by John Swinton


New business: No new motions.


Discussion Items:  The meeting was dedicated to a review of the draft document from the Office of the Provost entitled Approval Process for Academic Programs: Degrees, Majors, Minors, Certificates.  We had the advantage of both Dr. Deborah Vessí and Mr. Neil Jonesí insight concerning the Administrationís views on the document.  The committee engaged in minor word-smithing to ensure that the document reflected both the commitment to shared governance and the realities of recent changes in administrative titles.  Until further curricular business is brought to CAPC the committee will continue to lend its expertise to these types of questions.  Currently, CAPC has nothing on its docket for December.  As a note, the ad hoc subcommittee on student assessment met and discussed ways colleges could compare how they are assessing student outcomes.  The ad hoc committee vowed not to request any additional work from assessment coordinators.  If it continues to meet, its sole purpose is to determine best practices in student assessment on campus.