Academic Policy Committee (APC) Report

given to the University Senate on October 26, 2009

submitted by Howard Woodard


The Committee met on Friday 10/02/2009 in Atkinson Hall Room #208 at 12:30 PM.  Next meeting will be 11/06/2009 at same location and time.

Refer to posted minutes for more detail


Action Items for Senate:



Informational Items:           

       Honorary Degree Procedure reported from Dr. Mike Digby of Academic Affairs

       Senate Task Force on Classroom Utilization & Common Meeting Times - Report from Dr. Ken McGill

       Transfer Admissions Additional data being processed

       Incomplete Grades Issues Discussed Registrar will format a proposal for future meeting.


Items for Next Meeting

       Full discussion on Classroom Utilization and common meeting times

       Proposal for incomplete Grades (If Time Permits)