Academic Policy Committee (APC) Report

given to the University Senate on September 28, 2009

submitted by Jennifer Flory


The Committee met on Friday 09/04/2009 in Atkinson Hall Room #208 at 12:30 PM.  Next meeting will be 10/02/2009 at same location and time.


Action Items:

The Committee recommended by unanimous vote to proposed the following two motions to the University Senate for consideration:


 Undergraduate Academic Standing Policy

We propose the following revision to the undergraduate Academic Standing Policy:

A student will remain on academic probation for more than one semester if
1) the student is enrolled in eight or fewer hours for the term in which he or she is on academic probation, and
2) the student earns grades of C or higher in all classes in which he or she enrolled, and
3) the student's institutional GPA remains under the required level for good standing.
In this case, the student will remain on academic probation (with restricted enrollment) and not proceed to academic dismissal.

Note: This change would apply only to those students on the new(er) academic standing rules, which went into effect in Fall 2006. Students on academic probation who enroll in eight or fewer hours would still be able to proceed to good standing if their institutional GPA rises to the level required for good standing. This policy would go into effect with the 2010-2011 catalog, and would be first applied at the end of Summer 2010.

Policy or Handbook Referenced

Undergraduate Catalog


Graduate Academic Standing Policy

A graduate student will be placed on graduate academic probation if the student's institutional graduate grade point average falls below a 3.00 at any point during his or her graduate studies.

Each department that has a graduate program will develop a policy for progression in its graduate program, which it will publish in the Graduate Catalog. Students who fail to meet the requirements for progression in the graduate program will be placed on graduate academic dismissal, and will not be allowed to continue in the graduate program. All department decisions to place a student on graduate academic dismissal must be filed with the Registrar before the end of the add/drop period of the following semester of enrollment. In order to be considered for readmission to the program, the student must successfully petition the graduate program coordinator and the Dean of the College in which his or her program resides.

Policy or Handbook Referenced

Graduate Handbook


Informational Items:

Other Items Discussed:

Transfer Admissions Discussed multiple issues.   Suzanne Pittman gave a review of current policy and procedures.