Student Government Association (SGA)

Report to the University Senate

April 21, 2008

given orally by SGA Secretary Alissa Torchia

submitted by SGA President Ryan Greene




*                     SGA trying to close out the year and get ready for next year.

*                     SABC complete

o       For details on where these student dollars are going, go to the university website for minutes. Will go out Tuesday.

*                     SGA Goes to City Hall! THIS Wednesday at 12:30. Come on out!

*                     SGA committees:

o       SGA Newsletter in this Colonnade- reviews the year’s accomplishments

o       Able to get Call Box Software through Aux Services, Housing, and PS

o       Have License Plate tables at Commencement and this week at fountain.

o       (PR) Exam Table that gives out scantrons and pencils etc. during exam week.

*                     UGA’s Academic Policy Committee through Univ Senate passed the 14-Week Academic Calendar.

o       UGA’s SGA asking GCSU’s SGA for support, and eventually GCSU’s University Senate.

§         Keep thinking about this issue, and email for questions or thoughts on the matter.

*                     SGA Thank everyone in University Senate and around the university for their help this year.

o       Look forward to working with them next year.