President’s Report

given to the University Senate on April 21, 2008

submitted by President Leland, given orally by Dr. Robert Haney


Reporting for President Leland, Dr. Bob Haney explained that the president was attending a COPLAC strategic planning meeting that was to consider how COPLAC can promote our kind of institution nationally and thereby position the public liberal arts universities for funding opportunities.


FY 2009 Budget Allocation

Dr. Haney recapped the budget allocation from the Board of Regents as announced to the campus by President Leland last week.  He explained that President Leland works with our budget director to clarify  the various funding increases and to build an actual operating budget and that, as always, once we submit our FY ’09 budget to the University System, a copy will be placed in the library for review.


Highlights of the budget allocation were summarized as follows:


A 14% increase in the state appropriation for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2009 (this compares to 2% from Fiscal Year 2006 to Fiscal Year 2007, 8% from Fiscal Year 2007 to Fiscal Year 2008). 


The institution was allowed to submit up to 5% of our base budget in requests for new funding for FY 2009, and we received funding for everything we requested. 


Subsequently, we were also given the opportunity—with very little lead time--to compete for additional funding called “target enhancement funding” that will be added to our base if we achieve specific performance targets.

So, with all of that background, we received new base budget funding as follows:

$ 2,263,477 to support our institutional goals;

$865,050 in the area of undergraduate excellence;

$397,100 in the area of increasing capacity;

$80,000 in the area of research & economic development;

$298,500 in the area of educational partnerships; and

$622,827 in the area of best-in class efficiencies.


These new dollars will be used to fund the following priorities developed through our internal budget planning process:

In addition, we received target enhancement funding to support system initiatives, which are evaluated each year for funding continuation:

Finally, as usual we received: 

Along with the budget allocation, the BOR granted most of our mandatory fees requests, and we will see requested increases in Athletics, Technology, Health, and Transportation/Parking fees.


Provost Search

Dr. Haney informed senators that an announcement had gone out the previous Friday about the composition of the Provost search committee; all faculty on the committee were nominated by their schools or voted in through the at-large procedure overseen by the Senate executive committee:


Mike Digby will chair the committee.

Members are:

On Wednesday, April 23, consultants with Parker Executive Search will be on campus conducting “listening sessions” with various groups about the search. 


Chief among these are two open forums scheduled for faculty.  The first forum is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. – 10:50 a.m. in the University Banquet Room (side A), and the second is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. in the University Banquet Room (side A). 


Legislative Update--Bills Awaiting Governor’s Signature

Dr. Haney shared information about two bills of interest to senators; both await the Governor’s signature:

House Bill 815 (the Board of Regents Optional Retirement Plan)

Sponsor: Rep. Carl Rogers of Gainesville; carried by Sen. Seth Harp of Mid­land in the Senate


House Bill 1183 (Tuition Carry Forward)

Sponsor: Rep. Bob Smith of Watkinsville; carried by Sen. Bill Cowsert of Athens in the Senate