Faculty Affairs Policy Committee (FAPC) Report

given at the Monday, April 21, 2008 University Senate Meeting

submitted by Todd Shiver, given orally by J.F. Yao


At our last meeting (April 4, 2008) the FAPC discussed the following:


  1. GCSU Faculty Awards (Jeff Turner Andrei Barkovskii)

    The committee was presented with a faculty awards matrix - listing award, eligibility, nomination process, criteria for selection, materials to be submitted, and what the award winners receive.  The working group decided that FAPC should facilitate consistency among and between award committees, share information with the committees, and then make a recommendation for changes. This will become an item of business for the 2008-2009 FAPC.


  2. Revision of Faculty Bylaws, Section 1.02.01 of the GCSU Academic Affairs handbook (Mike Rose, Todd Shiver, Craig Turner).

    This group decided to work on revisions to the faculty bylaws, present these revisions to the FAPC in the fall and then to the University Senate for endorsement.  The revised bylaws would then be presented to the faculty at the spring meeting for a vote.


  3. Discussion of items to include on committee annual report.