Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC) Report
given to the University Senate on March 31, 2008
submitted by Doug Oetter
  1. Student Technology Fee - Daniel McCall of the Student Technology Fee Committee briefed the RPIPC on the procedures and progress of the student/faculty/staff committee charged with distributing technology fees.  There are several exciting and promising developments, including web pages for students, such as Danielís below.

  2. Technology Planning Council - The TPC has been working to develop a strategic plan for technology.  A web site for feedback on a consultantís report has been created:  along with two public forums to solicit responses.

  3. Facilities Usage - The RPIPC established a work group to examine policies relating to use of campus facilities by outside groups, especially those groups that require extensive use of physical plant services without compensating those agencies.  A discussion of R25 and the Campus Life ISE scheduling systems revealed that there are complications regarding how facilities are reserved.

  4. Intellectual Property - Quintus Sibley introduced the Intellectual Property policy document, and the committee decided to read it over before the April meeting.  More about the policy can be viewed at:

  5. Security - The acting Public Safety director, Dave Groseclose, informed the RPIPC about the policies regarding building access after hours.  A discussion of ways to improve campus safety included a suggestion to invite Officer Brian English to address a variety of departments to help them protect students in various situations.

  6. West Campus Master Plan - There will be a meeting with Sasaki Associates regarding West Campus, as they work to develop a master plan.

Next Meeting

4 April 2008, 12:30 pm, 252 Herty