Strategic Technology Plan


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·          April 9 - TPC meets to endorse Plan; recommendation to President

·         Going forward: TPC reviews each semester, reports each year.

Plan Outline - Vision

Technology is an essential asset to the mission of Georgia College & State University (GCSU). Through effective planning and support, technology at GCSU provides a foundation for the university’s strategic directions by fostering:

§         Collaboration among students, faculty, staff and the community beyond the campus.

§         Engaging and effective teaching and learning experiences that lead to a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

§         Learning beyond the classroom.

§         Productive administrative functions and processes.

§         Continuous innovation in education and administration.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles for technology reflect the mission and values of the GCSU community. These principles will be used by all units of the university to guide planning and decision making regarding technology.

§         Technology enhances teaching and learning across disciplines.

§         Technology encourages students, faculty, and staff to contribute to the world of knowledge.

§         Technology implementations are flexible, enable choice, and accommodate backward compatibility whenever possible.

§         Technology fosters user-driven collaborative interactions and meaningful communication.

§         Technology is implemented ethically and legally.

§         Technology decisions are data driven and optimize current resources by ensuring benefit to the maximum number of units.

§         Technology assets are professionally managed by identifying total lifetime costs and realistic funding sources.

§         Technology decisions manage risk responsibly and recognize that risk is a normal part of education and scholarship.

§         Technology supports and enhances the infrastructure of the university and its units.

§         Technology access is equitable, transparent, and free of barriers whenever possible.

§         Technology support is customer-centric and professional.

Technology Strategic Goals

1.       Provide appropriate technology tools to enhance teaching and learning.

2.       Ensure access, reliability, security, and backup/disaster recovery.

3.       Provide high-quality customer responsiveness and support.

4.       Foster collaboration, coordination, and communication.

5.       Support university administrative processes.

6.       Plan, coordinate, and effectively manage technology.