Student Affairs Policy Committee (SAPC) Report
given at the February 25, 2008 University Senate meeting
submitted by Jennifer Hammack, delivered orally by Paul Jahr

We have several things on our “radar” currently:

  1. We have created an IGG (information gathering group) to look at our current alcohol policy—we are investigating the policies of other universities (both in and out of the Georgia System) to get ideas for the structure of the policy

  2. Last meeting we had the privilege of having Tom Miles from Campus Life come to bring a concern to us about Non-Faculty/ Non-Staff RSO (Recognized Student Organization) Advisors and their roles/ privileges on campus.  We had an informative meeting and bounced around some ideas—we plan to revisit this next meeting (in March)

  3. We had a discussion—really this an ongoing concern of our committee—that some of the Greek organizations on campus who have benches in front of Lanier were upset that students were sitting on the benches.  One of our committee members contacted the groups and heard their concerns.  A suggestion for substitution of the benches for banners honoring the organizations to be placed on campus was made in committee (although the suggestion seemed to break with the tradition of their organizations).  We are currently looking at how these organizations are honored at other universities and after we talk about the information gathered, we will invite the organizations to discuss alternatives with the committee.

  4.  SGA (Student Government Association) Update — Homecoming Week