Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC) Report
given to the University Senate on February 25, 2008
submitted by Doug Oetter
  1. Green Initiative - The RPIPC unanimously endorsed the recommendations of the Campus Recycling Committee as posted on the GCSU Green Initiative web page:

  2. Policy Catalog and Template - The committee voted to approve a policy template that can help guide future policy writing.  The template is posted as a MS Word file at:

  3. Parking - RPIPC discussed a draft parking policy and will continue reviewing it before our March meeting.

  4. Technology - The Chief Information Officer, Don Steward, continues to make an assessment of the status of our technology policies.   It appears that we may currently be compliant with Board regulations.

  5. Facilities Usage - The RPIPC has an interest in exploring Facilities Usage policies.  We are especially concerned about the costs incurred by the Physical Plant when they have to clean up a facility after it is used by an outside group.  A committee will be formed to explore this issue.

  6. Security - Committee members expressed a concern with Public Safety, especially buildingin doors being propped open at night.  We will invite the acting Public Safety director, Dave Groseclose, to come inform us at our March meeting.

Next Meeting

7 March 2008, 12:30 pm, 252 Herty