Faculty Affairs Policy Committee (FAPC) Report

given at the Monday, January 28, 2008 University Senate Meeting

by Todd Shiver


1. Implementation of Faculty Salary Study.
President Leland distributed the Faculty Salary Study Implementation Plan, discussed the main points of the plan, and answered questions from the faculty guests. The FAPC endorsed President Leland’s implementation plan.

2. Distinguished Service Award.
Anne Gormly put two questions to the committee (a) Shall we continue to confer the Distinguished Service Award on an annual basis?, and (b) Should we pursue a process for awarding honorary doctorates?  A motion was made to discontinue the Distinguished Service Award on an annual basis. The motion received unanimous endorsement by the committee.  The committee agreed that the process to award an honorary doctorate is an idea to pursue and placed this on the January 2008 agenda.

3.  Update on Advising as part of Faculty Workload.
Todd Shiver reported that the Board of Regents (BOR) has issued an advisement report and that President Leland will receive the implementation directive from the BOR. Anne Gormly has raised the workload issue with various constituent groups and will assemble a working group to address the various components of workload. Once the group has completed its work, Dr. Gormly will bring a draft document to FAPC to consider.

4. New Business – concern about benefits with leave.
The issue was addressed at the 5 October 2007 meeting. Georgia College is consistent with other USG institutions. If one is not compensated during the leave period, one does not receive retirement credit during this time.

5. The FAPC did not meet on January 11