Faculty Affairs Policy Committee (FAPC) Report

given at the Monday, November 26, 2007 University Senate Meeting

by Todd Shiver

1. Annual IFRs and Chair Evaluations. Recommendation for new schedule for the Annual IFR is as follows:

The annual calendar for submission of Individual Faculty Reports (IFR), completion of Department Chair Evaluation of Faculty Performance (DCEFP), and merit increase recommendations shall be as follows:


The annual calendar for IFRs, faculty evaluations, and merit increase calculations should be as follows:


o   Each faculty member shall complete an Individual Faculty Report (IFR) and submit it to his/her chairperson by March 15 of the academic year to which the IFR applies. The IFR should include relevant activities from March 16 of the previous year through March 15 of the present year. 

o  The department chairperson shall complete the process of faculty evaluations, including consultation with the faculty member, no later than May 1.

o  Following this calendar will insure that the faculty evaluation process is completed in a manner such that evaluation information is available prior to the merit pay raise decision process which is completed toward the end of the budget year.


As a phase-in, faculty members will submit an IFR detailing activities from the last department IFR due date in 2007 to March 15, 2008 to their chairperson by March 15, 2008, and the chair/supervisor will complete the evaluation process, including consultation with the faculty member,  no later than May 1, 2008.

2. Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) national survey of faculty.

Dr. Gormly presented information about the upcoming HERI faculty survey. Georgia College has the opportunity to craft “local” survey questions that will be asked of Georgia College faculty and placed in the normative documents that are distributed to the administration. The committee discussed numerous possibilities: there is need for a question regarding international experiences for students, also a need for a question regarding graduate studies, academic rigor is not addressed by the survey, how much has technology impacted the classroom?, how has e-mail impacted your work life?

3. Faculty Salary Study.  Dr. Leland is on the November 30 agenda to discuss the implementation of the faculty salary study.