Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC)

given at the November 26, 2007 University Senate meeting

submitted by Deborah Vess


CAPC brought two motions to the senate floor for deliberation: 


A motion to change the name of the M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education to the M.Ed in Kinesiology.  Along with the change of name of the degree,  changes are proposed to several areas of specialization, new courses and a new area of specialization in Human Performance are proposed, and the advanced teacher certification option is to be deactivated to accommodate increased preference for the MAT alternative to certification.  No discussion ensued and the motion passed.


A motion to create an Education Specialist degree program in Special Education, along with new course proposals to support the program.  This program meets a demand in the area that has been clearly documented by the School of Education (SOE).  There was brief discussion in the committee meeting concerning the course requirements for the Ed S, since they are primarily applied research courses rather than content courses.  Representatives explained the rationale for these courses and how they fit the needs of the state for special education.  Some concern was also raised in the committee meeting about the credentials of faculty who do not yet have the Ph.D., since the program is not only on the graduate level but a step beyond the Masterís degree.  SOE representatives explained that some of the vitae in question did not reflect recent degrees earned and others are of faculty with ABD status, which meets SACS requirements.  There was no discussion on the senate floor except to clarify that the program goes beyond the masterís degree level, after which the motion passed.