Governance Retreat Planning Committee Report
given to the University Senate on October 29, 2007
submitted by Bill Richards

The Governance Retreat Planning Committee (GRPC)

  1. will be realized as an ad hoc committee of the Executive Committee rather than an administrative committee reporting to the University President as in recent years
  2. has as its two-fold charge
    1. to review the data from last year (May 10, 2007) and

    2. plan the retreat for this year (May 8, 2008)

  3. has a budget of $1500
  4. currently has membership
    1. Bill Richards (chair and outgoing University Senator),
    2. Craig Turner (former retreat planner),
    3. Todd Shiver (incoming University Senator)
    4. Carol Ormond (incoming University Senator) and
    5. Karen Higgs (staff member).

At this time, I am extending an invitation to each of you as current University Senators to serve on the 2007-2008 Governance Retreat Planning Committee.  Please express your interest in serving to me either in person at the conclusion of this meeting OR by phone or email within the next week.