Academic Policy Committee (APC)

Report to University Senate, October 29, 2007

Respectfully submitted by Janet H. Clark, APC Committee Chair

  1. Group welcomed Dean Baker as a new APC committee member and learned that SGA has appointed Richard Brown as a non-voting student member of the APC.
  2. Committee agreed to hold off on moving forward with the proposed discussion on advising issues pending the release of an upcoming BOR task team report on advising issues/recommendations across the system.  What we do know is that the effort was chaired by the President of Valdosta State and had no faculty representation on the team.  The official report is expected late in October.
  3. In addition, in December, the BOR is expected to release a task team report on retention issues chaired by the President of Georgia Southern. The APC will review this report and discuss its relevance to GCSU at the appropriate time.
  4. Committee agreed to table the intellectual property discussion until the President's committee posts its report and has time for input/feedback from the campus community.  BOR has mandated that each institution will have an Intellectual Property policy in place.
  5. Committee continued discussion of the GPA issues identified at an earlier meeting.  Kay Anderson presented information detailing the different GPA's currently in use at GCSU and the purpose for each of the six GPA calculations (Term/Current GPA; Transfer GPA; Overall GPA; Institutional GPA; HOPE GPA; Regents' Cumulative GPA).  Kay also presented information on current GCSU policy issues regarding the purpose and use of each GPA and on other policy issues such as how repeated coursework is factored into which GPA, and for what purposes.
  6. Everyone present agreed that the current system is confusing and that much of the broad campus community shares in the confusion.  The group also agreed that there is a need to better understand the issues involved and to separate "information/education" issues from policy issues.
  7. The APC asked Kay to generate a questionnaire to gather information from other institutions to look at GPA calculation and use; repeat coursework policy issues; consistency across schools within the university as to use of GPA; trend issues with GPA; etc.
  8. The group agreed to continue the discussion of GPA issues and to invite Shaina McGill to provide an overview of GPA-related issues from her perspective.  The group also agreed that there is a need to discuss the different "hours" categories as they relate to GPA issues as well.

Upcoming (November 2007) Meeting Agenda:

(1) Continued discussion of the GPA issue. 

(2) Review of the USG/BOR task force report on Advising if available.