Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC) Report
given to the University Senate on September 24, 2007
submitted by Doug Oetter
The Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee reports that it has identified its priority tasks for the 2007-08 school year. Unfortunately, there are more tasks than we have dates to meet!  We intend to work on:
Budget Process Review,
Energy and Materials Management,
Facilities Master Plan and Facilities Usage,
Scholarly Misconduct Policy,
Technology Policies, and
University Parking Policy.
We met with President Dorothy Leland and heard more about the allocation of funds for the FY08 budget, as well as the proposed process for the FY09 budget.
We also met Vice President for Business and Finance Pete Shields.
Our business proceeded to discuss the activities identified above, and are posted in the minutes from our meeting on 7 Sep 07.  The next meeting is later this week, on the 28th of September, at 12:30 p.m. in 252 Herty Hall.