Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC)

given at the August 27, 2007 University Senate meeting

submitted by Deborah Vess


At the September 7, 2007, meeting, CAPC discussed materials from the general education implementation committee, specifically the proposed structure requirements for the first year clusters.  Various concerns were raised, including the need for a faculty development program to train faculty and an adequate plan to address workload issues.  CAPC plans to continue our review of the implementation materials and to provide feedback to the general education implementation plan committee (GEIPC). 


Committee members requested some information on the annual program review process, especially on the ways the data generated are used to improve programs or to close the assessment loop.  At our October 5, 2007, meeting, we will be exploring some of this information in order to better inform our constituents.


We have received a request from the School of Health Sciences to review proposed changes to the M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education.  These changes include deleting some of the areas of specialization, adding others, and revising programs of study for the remaining areas.  These proposals are also on our Oct 5 agenda.