Academic Policy Committee (APC) Report to University Senate, September 24, 2007

Respectfully submitted by Janet H. Clark, APC Committee Chair


Information shared and agreements and actions taken at Sep. 7  meeting:


  1. Jan Clark shared info from standing committee/ECUS agenda coordinating meeting: APC has purview over drop/ad policies (time limits, 1st day no-shows, etc) classroom assignment issues, academic standing, use of multiple GPAs, institutional GPA, disastrous semester policy), and academic advisement policies.
  2. Lee Gillis presented the results of initial info gathering on the +/- grading system policy currently being piloted by UGA and Georgia State, and the BOR has issued a statement that no school in the University System of Georgia is to implement it until these pilot, three year  in duration beginning Summer 2006, are complete.

Info can be found at



  1. After a discussion of ways to facilitate communicating committee issues and action to the campus community we decided on the following
    1. To provide a summary on the proposed Senate MyCats  tab
    2. To explore better use of the RSS search technology to help people do simple searches on the senate site
    3. To ask Donna Fuller to put out regular press release type info to the Colonnade
    4. To ask SGA president Ryan Green to appoint a SGA senator to serve as a non-voting advisory member of the committee



  1. Jennifer Flory will input any APC motions proposed this year
  2. Jan Clark contacted Ryan Green and has since received notice that SGA senator Richard Brown will serve as the non-voting senate student advisory representative
  3. Lee Gillis and Craig Pascoe will continue fact finding work on the plus minus grading
  4. Committee will focus on the following issues in the next few meetings: academic standing/graduation (GPAs), academic advisement, and drop/add policies.
  5. The tentative agenda for the next meeting on October 5 will focus on information about the multiple GPAs and their use, with background info solicited from Kay Anderson, University registrar and committee member.