Student Affairs Policy Committee (SAPC) Report
given at the August 27, 2007 University Senate meeting
submitted by Jennifer Hammack

I.      Election of Officers:

Ł      Dr. Paul Jahr- Vice-Chair of SAPC

Ł      Michael George - Secretary of SAPC

II.      New business

a) Move out times problematic for some students because the students believed they had to move out before they were finished with final exams

 Parents and students have issues with studying for finals coupled with the necessity of packing and moving out on time.

 Seniors have also complained that they have to move out of the residence halls BEFORE graduation

b) Faculty members upset (especially during late registration) with amount of Core classes reserved for specific groups/majors

 Possibly and Academic Governance issue

c) R-25, Professors being assigned to rooms that do not adequately fulfill needs

RPIPC issue??

d) Out of class experience in Residence Halls

e) Non-institutional G.P.A.ís not counting towards cumulative G.P.A.ís in final transcript

 Possible Academic Governance issue

f) Re-visiting Graduation application due date

g) Meal Plan for Freshmen

h) Suggestions as to increasing student input

  MyCats link

o Allowing for anonymous contributions

o Already contacted Gina Peavy to set up a myCATS group

  Once a month submitting to the student_all listing

  Press Release(s) to the ColonnadeóDr. Ginger Carter Miller is working on one now for the paper

  Getting an e-mail address before issuing Press Release

  Increased cooperation with SGA