Presidentís Report

given to the University Senate on August 27, 2007

submitted by President Leland


President Leland welcomed Senators and thanked them for their participation in the University Senate, which plays a key role in shaping institutional policy, sharing information, and problem solving. 


The President referred Senators to her Fall 2007 Campus Update, posted at    She noted that she would be providing these updates more frequently as part of an effort to provide timely information to the campus community.


President Leland discussed the formation of a group that will replace the group formerly known as the Presidentís Cabinet.  The new group will be called the Presidentís Administrative Leadership Council and includes the Chair of the University Senate Executive Committee and the Chair of Staff Council in addition to senior level administrators.  This group will focus on communication and collaboration across university divisions and also on finding solutions to operational or organizational challenges.  If policy issues emerge from this group, these issues will be referred to the University Senate for consideration.


The president noted that she would soon provide reports to the University Senate Resources, Planning and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC) on the Fiscal Year í08 budget and also the new University System capital allocation process and submission.   She also noted that information has not yet been received from the University System regarding the Fiscal Year í09 budget request process, although presidents have been told on several occasions that the process would allow more time for campus level input and discussion.


President Leland informed senators that she had not yet received the final report, or answers to questions raised by some faculty, from the consultants who conducted the faculty compensation study.  The reason for the delay is related to the serious illness of a key staffer on the project.  President Leland promised to share the report with faculty once it is received.