Download in MSWord format            Proposal Submission Checklist*

Download in pdf format                                       (Endorsed by Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chairs on 03-02-06)

Idea initiation Committee Deliberations Draft Motion


    Statement of Proposal (brief, i.e. at most one paragraph)





    Type of proposal

o    Policy Recommendation:   (Specify exactly one of the following)

  New Policy   

  Policy Revision (Include a statement of current policy and identify source)

o    Information Item

o    Concern: ( Specify at least one of the following)

  Expression of concern

  Proposal for action

o    Curriculum Issue (Course, Degree Program Proposal/Deactivation, etc.)

o    Other

    Supporting Information*   (The purpose of such information is to provide University Senators and members of standing committees context to make informed decisions.)

o    Rationale

  General description of the significance and value of the proposal

  Relationship to the University Senate Governing Principles (as appropriate)

  Illustrative example(s) of consequence(s) of action/inaction

o    Relevant background and documentation at all levels (include all that apply)

         Faculty or staff member initiation

         Senator initiation or endorsement

         Departmental initiation or endorsement (letter, meeting minutes, course proposal, syllabi, etc.)

         School level initiation or endorsement (committee meeting minutes)

         Initiation or endorsement by administrator/administrative committee






*All documents submitted must identify author(s) and date drafted.