Download in MSWord format                   Motion Flow Checklist 

Download in pdf format                                            (Endorsed by Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chairs on 03-02-06)

Committee University Senate President Follow-up

    Standing Committee considers proposal/issue

o    Issue is on the standing committee meeting agenda

o    Documentation of discussions in standing committee meeting minutes

o    Issue has been fully vetted by the standing committee

o    Issue receives endorsement/approval of the standing committee


     Motion form includes:

o    Type of Motion (Policy, Resolution, Bylaws Change, Other)

o    Subject

o    Standing Committee

o    Date of endorsement/approval by committee

o    Motion Statement

o    Policies impacted (if any)


     Supporting documents include:

o    Relevant background (All supporting documents of the proposal at the committee level)

o    A summary of the committee deliberation

o    Committee Vote (Majority/Minority opinions for split votes)


     Motion form and documentation is submitted to Executive Committee at least 15 calendar days prior to the University Senate Meeting at which considered


     Executive Committee sends motion information to University Senators at least 8 calendar days prior to University Senate Meeting


    Senate hears committee report on the motion, time for discussion (if any), and vote


    Chair of Executive Committee signs the motion form indicating status of the motion and submits motion to President


    President approves or vetoes motion and assigns responsibility for implementation


    Communication of Disposition (as appropriate)