Beliefs of the University Senate

Approved by the University Senate 11-29-04

Approved by President Leland 12-03-04


1.  Faculty, staff, students and administrators will interact with mutual respect and will value input, rational discussion and respect for each person's position or place at the University.


2.  All governance, planning, and decision making should encourage all interested and affected parties to be included.


3.  The existing rules, regulations, policies and procedures of Georgia College & State University should be clearly defined, supported, adhered to, and widely distributed among faculty, staff, students and administrators.


4.  Everyone shall have the right to participate in the governance of the University and shall have the right to be heard, without repercussion, regardless of position, rank, or level of authority.


5.  Faculty, staff, administrators and students share responsibility for the education and development of life-long learning opportunities at the University.


6.  Georgia College & State University will have a stable structure of governance that is flexible and includes a process for review and revision.