NOTE 08-19-09:  The university committee registry is now accessible at

NOTE 07-15-09:  A new web presence housing a committee registry (as described in motion 0708.EC.003.R) is in preparation.   The list of Administrative Committees below has not been updated since Feb 2008 [and thus information regarding the "Current list" is in some cases inaccurate and in most cases dated].  Given the bylaws change specified below (taking the Executive Committee out of the business of maintaining a list of administrative committees) this page is no longer being updated [effective Feb 2008] and will remain in its present form until the new web presence (in preparation) is accessible.

On MARCH 31, 2008, President Leland endorsed University Senate Resolution 0708.EC.003.R regarding a committee registry.

EFFECTIVE MARCH 31, 2008 the following section (V.Section3) was removed from the University Senate Bylaws by 0708.EC.002.B.

PRIOR TO MARCH 31, 2008, the University Senate Bylaws Article V Section 3 Administrative Committees read as follows

A. The Administrative committees are defined as those committees and councils that are established by an administrator to assist and advise that administrator in carrying out his/her duties. If it is required that part of the membership be elected, elections for these committees shall be arranged by the Director of Legal Affairs. The administrator who establishes the committee shall convey any recommended policies or policy changes of that committee to the University Senate for consideration.

B. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to keep a current list of these administrative committees including their charge, membership, and the name of the administrator to whom they make recommendations.

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Current list of Administrative Committees (Date Registered, Recommend to this Administrator):  Last updated 02/21/08


Academic Appeal Committee  

Sep 9 2005

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Administrative Technology Advisory Group (ATAG) May 7 2007 University President, Chief Information Officer

Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force  

Oct 1 2003

University President

Center For Excellence in Teaching and Learning  

Oct 7 2003

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Circles Book Selection Committee  

Sep 2 2003

Vice President for Academic Affairs AND Vice President for Student Affairs

Coverdell Institute Steering Committee  

Dec 17 2004

Coverdell Institute Director

Conflict Resolution Committee  

Oct 18 2005

University President

Design Review Board  

Apr 21 2006

University President

Excellence in Artistic Endeavor Award Committee  

Sep 5 2003

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Experiential Transcript  

Sep 22 2003

Director of Experiential Learning

Faculty Research Committee  

Sep 5 2003

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Faculty Teaching Awards Committee  

Sep 9 2005

Vice President for Academic Affairs

General Education Implementation Plan Committee  

Sep 28 2006

University President

Graduate Coordinators  

Sep 17 2003

Dean of Faculties

Graduation Planning Task Force  

Sep 9 2005

University President

Hemphill/Sallstrom Faculty/Staff Award Committee  

Mar 16 2004

University President

Homeland Security Committee  

Feb 20 2006

University President

Honors Committee  

Oct 1 2003

Doris Moody

Institutional Review Board  

Sep 5 2005

Director of Legal Affairs

Instructional Advisory Technology Group (ITAG) Aug 29 2007 University President

International Education Committee  

Aug 7 2005

Dr. Dwight Call

Irene Rose Community Service Award Committee  

Sep 9 2005

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Orientation Planning Committee  

Sep 26 2005

Kathy Edmonson

Parking Appeals Committee Jan 31, 2007 Manager, Parking and Transportation Services

President's Council on the Responsible Use of Alcohol  

Dec 5 2005

University President

Registration Task Force  

Sep 24 2007

Vice President for Institutional Research and Enrollment Management

Retention Committee  

Aug 23 2005

Vice President for Institutional Research and Enrollment Management

Staff Council  

July 18 2005

University President

Student Activities Budget Committee  

Sep 9 2005

Vice President for Student Affairs -> University President

Student Leadership Advisory Committee  

Nov 7 2003

Director of Experiential Learning

Student Technology Fee & Advisory Group Jul 16 2007 Chief Information Officer
Technology Planning Council Jun 8, 2007 University President

Administrative Committees from Previous Years that remain active

Administrative Committee from Previous Years that are no longer active