Presidentís Report

given to the University Senate on February 26, 2007

submitted by President Leland



President Leland began by inviting everyone to the Celebration of Faculty Achievement event later today in the museum area of the Library and Instructional Technology Center. This year, the recognition will feature poster displays that highlight the many accomplishment of Georgia College faculty. These accomplishments include:

What these highlights donít show is the remarkable commitment of Georgia College faculty to innovative teaching and effective student learning. On behalf of the students of Georgia College, the President thanked the faculty of Georgia College for its commitment to quality education and she expressed pride in faculty accomplishments.



President Leland also announced that the search for a replacement for Mr. Harry Keim is progressing on schedule. Mr. Keim has served for a number of years as Vice President of Business and Finance at Georgia College and will leave a legacy of accomplishment, particularly with respect to the physical beauty of the campus. Dr. Paul Jones is chairing the Vice President for Business and Finance search committee. Other members include Amy Nitsche, Mark Meeks, Ken Farr, Richard Mercier, Julia Guthrie, and Linda Irwin-Devitis.



President Leland noted that her Senate reports sometimes provided a good opportunity to clear up misinformation. She stated that she wanted to update the Senate on the Bell Hall parking lot and to assure individuals with concerns that it is not the intention of the university to turn that lot into green space. This year, funds were received by the university to address a water drainage problem in this area, and work will soon commence on that. The campus master plan calls for the return of a significant number of parking spaces in the Bell Hall lot along with some plantings to serves as buffers.